The Clinical Neurophysiology Research Lab is always looking for undergraduates to help with data acquisition, processing, and analyzing. Students interested in our lab have several different options through UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh.


Independent Study – Department of Neuroscience

Undergraduates in the Neuroscience program at the University of Pittsburgh have the opportunity to work in our lab for course credit. We encourage students who may be interested in pursing a career in research to apply for this course. Designed to occur alongside other courses during the school semester, Independent Study will expose students to the design and implementation of EEG research. Students will also attend lab meetings and lectures relevant to the CNRL’s research into the neurophysiology of psychosis. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to present a poster on data they analyzed during their independent study.

Information on the Neuroscience Independent Study course can be found on the University of Pittsburgh Department of Neuroscience website. Students are asked to contact Dr. Dean Salisbury before applying for independent study.


Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship

The University of Pittsburgh offers the Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship to undergraduates who wish to spend their summer on Pitt’s Oakland campus working with a faculty mentor on a research project. Students awarded the fellowship receive a stipend for the summer to supplement their living expenses while they work full time on their project.

Fellowship awardees will be exposed to EEG data acquisition, experimental paradigm design, and data analysis as well as attend meetings and lectures for both the Brackenridge fellowship and the CNRL. Students will also be expected to present their project during one of the weekly half-day Brakenridge seminars.

Please visit the Brackenridge Summer Research Fellowship website for more information on the opportunity.


CTMHR Undergraduate Research Fellowship

The National Institute of Mental Health Conte Center for the Neuroscience of Mental Disorders (CTMHR) offers an Undergraduate Research Fellowship for students interested in hands-on neuroscience research experience. CTMHR fellowship awardees will partake in clinical observations of schizophrenia and related disorders to gain insight into the disease. With this information, students are expected to form hypotheses that can be tested within a laboratory setting. This process reflects the translational approach the CTMHR takes towards research.

Students will be given a stipend to supplement their living while they work full time in the lab during the summer. In addition to attending CTMHR meetings and lectures, awardees will work in the CNRL on EEG data acquisition and analysis. At the end of the summer, students will present on their research and findings to the CTMHR Fellowship.

For more information on the NIH CTMHR Undergraduate Research Fellowship, please visit it’s website.